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When Fashion Editorials Become Fairy Tales

I’ve been a Yelena Yumchuk fan for awhile. Her photography is dreamy, a little surreal — perfect for visual inspiration, especially if you’re of the magical-realism/supernatural school. I don’t know what’s more lovely in this Vogue Italia photos: the gorgeous natural settings, Kirsten Dunst’s luminous light and coloring or some of these frocks. I want to experience and make stories that feel like these images. Gorgeous and beautiful eye candy!

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One Response to “When Fashion Editorials Become Fairy Tales”

  1. Kat Asharya says:

    i forgot to mention that this was in the February 2012 edition and was styled by Leith Clark! dohness! and my fave pic is the beachy one with the ocean behind her. xo k.