The Secret Story Garden

What is this magical enchanted Secret Story Garden you’ve stumbled upon? It’s where I keep all my juiciest goss: my longer work, works-in-progress, personal essays/memoirs I want to keep hidden like hedgehogs under banks of cool ferns and blooms.

These are stories about love, sex, unruly bodies and desires. Heartaches, real and fictive. Heresies, both lyrical and epic. Teenage girl poetics, beautiful vengeance, bittersweet love.

I keep my deepest, most fragile magic slightly sheltered from the wilderness of the Google overlords.

If you’d like to take a peek behind the curtain, it’s easy

I keep the Secret Story Garden hidden in a special place. Just sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get access to the special section and passwords, tout de suite.

Right now there’s a longer excerpt of my novel LOVE & CONCRETE available in the Story Garden, and other treats are forthcoming soon!

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