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Visual Inspiration: Beautiful Pictures of Beautiful Skater Dudes

I’m always clipping and saving pictures and like to assemble them into folders and scrapbooks before I start a big project. These were some of the images that inspired me for THE WOODS.

I love this image! I can tell it’s going to be the cover of a future 8tracks.com mix. It’s just beautifully composed, and I love the bird.

Part of my story focuses on the friendship between two skater boys. I like to think of them like these two dudes, hanging out without many words, fascinated and yet slightly competitive with one another.

A gnarly cut! One particular scrape has an impact in my story, although it’s my lady skater who gets it.

Just dudes hangin’…

I love this image as an image: the way the skater in the foreground seems separated from the other, the way he’s effaced away from the viewer. It reminded me so much of my character that I used this as wallpaper when I was writing. Oh, and the hoodie!

In other novel news, I’ve started revising my first draft. As Kanye West would say, “#ITSAPROCESS.”

Happy new year, beauties!

Still sussing out intentions, plans and dreams for 2011, but these words are part of my compass for the next year:

Cling to simplicity,
sincerity, serenity,
and the power of truth.

— I Ching