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Have a beautiful Thanksgiving

This is what I got to look at during my holiday. Hope you spent yours with beautiful loved ones and delicious food! xo k.

Nifty new website stuff

Here’s a screenshot of a recent website I’ve been working on developing. I loved that this client was all about simplicity. He already had a strong idea of what he wanted his site to look like — my job was getting it to translate and work on the web for him. A true collaboration.

My film production “look” / My favorite place to write in Chicago


I’ve been spending the weekend working on a friend’s feature as the wardrobe stylist/designer. That’s me above, going all utility with jeans and hoodie. Here’s a pic from set:

Day 2, shooting in this awesome loft...

What a great space, right? And this is my kingdom, where I “stage”:

My staging area...

But I’m cramming some novel writing in! #PRODUCTIVE. I’ve been cranking out words tonight here:

My fave place to write in Chicago...

New Wave Coffee in Chicago’s Logan Square! Very cool place, awesome people watching and they’ve been playing Young Marble Giants all night. Anyway…back to work!

I really need to go to these places.

This is Hiddensee, a island in the German Baltic Sea about five hours’ drive from Berlin.

The Faroe Islands.

Stockholm, Sweden.

Inverness, Scotland.