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This Vogue Paris Editorial = Strange Inspiration For My Book’s Heroine

It’s called “Roller Girl” and it’s in this month’s Vogue Paris and styled by the incomparable Emmanuelle Alt, a woman whose style inspires me with the idea that you can still dress like a superhot tomboy well into your late 30s/early 40s. (In case you didn’t know, my main girl’s a superhot teen tomboy skater lady.) I’ll might post the whole thing over at NOGOODFORME.COM later, I don’t know–I hate putting high-fashion-y things there, esp. with stupid fashion models. We’ll see. But anyway:

This is the perfect record for the last quarter of my novel

Warpaint, The Fool. Satisfies the art-punk imperative as well as beautiful, spooky, witchy sounds.

Other Soundtracks for Novel Writing

These songs are for the skater-centric scenes in my book. In addition to the ones I mentioned over at today’s Snapshot at NOGOODFORME.COM:

Guns N’ Roses, “Welcome to the Jungle.” It’s about the perfect time in my novel for Guns N’ Roses. I remember every dude I knew really dug this when it came out.

HEALTH, “Die Slow” (ok, not exactly of the time, but of the spirit)

Public Enemy, “Bring the Noise.” I remember one cute skater I knew really loved this tape when it came out. I heard it for the first time through him back in the day.

Nitzer Ebb, “Hearts and Mind”

And just for history’s sake and in honor of the skater I had a crush on in eighth grade who wore an INXS t-shirt all the time: “Need You Tonight”

Soundtrack To The First Kiss In My Novel

Sonic Youth, “Shadow of A Doubt”

I like how it looks like video art. And, just for good times’ sake, “Candle”:

And “Dirty Boots.” My favorite moment is when the kinda meatheaded guy rolls his eyes:

Something about late 80s/early 90s Sonic Youth feels like how I want my book to feel.