Stories & Writings

Here is some of my writing! I do love to hear from people who read it (because writing is such a lonely profession), so if you are inclined, please do get in touch.

Novels In Progress

LOVE & CONCRETE (working title) – Ze novel! About lovely skater ladies and hot skater werewolf-y boys! Stir in Satanism, punk rock shows and lots of sexual tension. This is my labor of love.

Short Stories

The Professor and the Bikini Waxer – Published over at Storychord, a fantastic literary journal devoted to emerging writers. A story about a gifted bikini waxer unaware of her own powers, her disheveled professor boyfriend and a tiny open break in her consciousness that lets in some light — thanks to some strange, ghostly allies. Many thanks to the lovely troika at Strawberry Fields Forever, who curated this issue.

“THIS IS MINE AND THAT IS HERS” – So kindly published over at , a fantastic Tumblr devoted to smart, fun, sharp writing on “My So-Called Life” and the character of Rayanne Graff. More teen girl awkwardness, budding sexuality and the strangeness of bodies, inspired by the intensity and fascination of female friendships! I’m usually not happy with my “realistic” stories but I liked how this turned out, though it took ages to get somewhat right. I’m not sure what clicked for me here in terms of process, or whatever; it kind of just revealed itself piece by piece till it came together. This was also my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge for June 2011.

“Some Dude From Romania” – Someone challenged me to write about vampires. This is what came out of that assignment. It’s like if the historical Dracula wandered into a satire on chick lit with a hipster slant. There is a very dry humor in this story, which some of you may enjoy. Anyway, I LOVED GETTING A SHORT STORY ASSIGNMENT. Please give me one: . If I’m good, I’ll write you a short story from it.


“Silver” (Excerpt) – This is my 90s zine girl epic, about friendship, crushes and hot rock stars in local bands! It is somewhat like “My So-Called Life” in this bit, but the girls are not so mopey. The main character is one of my most favorite girls I’ve ever written about. I tried putting her in a short story, but I think with her energy, passion and penchant for mischief, she belongs on the big screen. If you are a filmmaker and/or actress who can get movies made and you want to read the rest of it, please, do get in touch. Or, if you really do want to read the rest of it, get it touch as well. For “industry reasons” (I almost wrote that as “treasons”), I am not supposed to post the whole thing up here.

Zines, Articles, Etc.

“Distance Covered in Four Songs” – Old writing from the zines I used to do. If it had tags, it would have: love, sex, college, punks, the 90s, parties, long distance, alternawaifs. That sums it up pretty well. It’s very floaty, abstract, kind of wallowing-in-emoness writing. I’m not sure I can write this way anymore, but it’s fun to remember.

A piece on the film “GOODBYE FIRST LOVE” – Over at online feminist film journal Joan’s Digest. I get to write about film, coming-of-age and women’s self-discovery…a few of my favorite things!

My Favorite Bits from NOGOODFORME.COM

I’ve been blogging over at NOGOODFORME.COM since, like, 2003. That makes me a dinosaur in blogger years! But these are some of my favorite things I’ve written over there:

+ Icon of Love, Champion of Authentic Romance: Bruce Springsteen. This is the most recent thing I’ve written for nogoodforme.com that I love to pieces, and it’s also a more vulnerable piece about relationships, expectations and romance.

+ Style Icon: Neil Young. It’s about Neil Young, but it’s also really about what I love in men. This was really an ode to my boyfriend at the time, a kind of coded love song.

+ Style Icon: Cayce Pollard. About how the main character from William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition inspired me, sartorially speaking. It’s about fashion, but it’s also about what a wonderful writer William Gibson is. No doubt, a highlight of my life was when the great Gibson himself and said he liked it. I am not ashamed to say that I FN+PRT SC’d that moment for posterity.

Then of course I emailed it everyone I knew in the world and wrote, “OMG WILLIAM GIBSON’S EYEBALLS HAVE SEEN MY WORDS!!!!!!!” I am very excitable. But you would be, too, if one of your favorite authors even marginally acknowledged your existence!