Turning a Blog into a Book: An Intro to My Project, and What I’m Learning So Far

High irony alert! Here I am, discussing my blog-to-book project, the story behind why the hell I did this in the first place and musing on the differences between books and blogs and how that affected the editing process…and I’m doing it in a video blog! (I’ve been writing a ton lately, and thought talking at a camera awkwardly would be a nice change of pace…kind of.) Anyway, if you want to hear what my book is called (lots of funny faces alert), how I decided to embark upon it (pay attention to your crazy whims!), and what I’ve learned so far, click below!

I just wanted to share about my book (whose title I reveal in the video..woo hoo!), tell you a bit about how it came about, and document my thought process and the things I’m learning about editing blogs into bigger projects, publishing, and so much more…it’s been quite fun and interesting, and I’m learning lots and lots. I was especially intrigued by the differences between the two media and how that informed the process, and talk a little about blogs being an evolving, dynamic document (I don’t say it that articulately in the video, but there you go) and books being “for the ages,” and how these two factors made the editing process much more complex than I thought it would be when I started this project as a lark.

If you’re looking for a rough breakdown so you can skip around:

  • Intro to my book and the story behind it: the idea, making the decision to turn my blog into a book (1:10)
  • Discussing the differences between books, blogs & how that affected the editing process (5:29)

I hope you enjoy it! If you’re intrigued by this idea of blogging-as-bookmaking or even self-publishing in general, please comment and let me know your questions…maybe I’ll v-blog on them in the future

Anyway, stay tuned for more All Things Glorious and True news…it’s getting its own mini-site, and I might have a cover to show soon. I’m excited to put it into the world, either end of this month or in May, depending in part of the gods of Amazon!

Libraries, A Love Story

As far as publishing/literary biz blogs go, I’m a fan of Nathan Bransford. He’s friendly, down-to-earth, accessible, knows his stuff, and manages to make what seems a discouraging, confusing business into something you feel you can tackle. So I was a bit surprised when I read his most recent entry, “What Role Should Libraries Have in an Electronic World?” and came across something that was like discovering your favorite teacher is a secret rabid Republican or your friendly co-worker likes to hunt cute little bunnies on the weekends.

Bransford’s entry springboards off a recent comment by children’s author Terry Deary, who said libraries have had their day, and the concept behind them — making books and other sources of knowledge free for many — harms authors and fosters the expectations that books should be free. Bransford handles Deary’s comments pretty even-handedly and summarizes the debate quite nicely, but then goes on to say, “I have to admit that I cringe a bit when well-off people borrow from the library instead of buying the book.”

Both Deary’s and Bransford’s comments really hit a chord in me — a big nasty wall-of-noise chord, the kind that drags feedback screeching from the amplifiers like some beast of hell. The kind that make you throw something against the wall and yell, “WTF?!”