About Me

Greetings and salutations! I’m Kat, and I am a writer and recovering filmmaker. I used to make movies — I even have a fancy MFA in screenwriting and film directing from Columbia University — but now I am a writer by vocation and by inclination. I have a book out — an collection of essays on pop cultur — called All Things Glorious and True, which you can buy on Amazon.

I am also a subversive romantic, a lover of serenity and enchantment, a secret pagan with a yen for elemental glamour. I want to write stories and essays that give the gift of beauty and adventure through imagination, emotion and lyricism.

Writer, Witch and Wardrobe

All my life, I have written. Like horses were built to roam and ride, I am meant to fashion words into sentences, sentences into stories. I dream on paper and on screens and keyboards — and I hope my work inspires you to dream and imagine magical, epic, spacious things for yourself as well. Whether I’m waxing poetic about a dress or weaving a tale about teenage skater werewolves in love, I aim for readers to experience the glorious, wide-open space of beautiful liberation: to see possibilities for themselves, to find wisdom through compassion, to dream bigger and wider, and of course, to be entertained.

You might also pick up some great music, movie, fashion and reading recommendations along the way from me — I have a sharp eye and ear for that kind of stuff, along with a lifelong passion for feminism. I can also tell a bawdy joke on occasion, too, because I’m kind of a secret sailor at heart, swear bear and all.

My fellow enlightened libertines, I try to remember: life is the grand adventure, in all its great and small details. Epic love affairs, wise horoscopes, small houseplants, horseback rides, striped socks, beautiful fragrances, punk songs, midnight riots, childhood hijinks, road trips, great meals, first kisses, last rites, eternity, mortality and everything in between: it is all worth it, all gorgeous and all worth celebrating. What inspires you? What do you find beautiful? Where or how did you experience your greatest moments of possibility and freedom? I want to know, to record, to remember.

I aim for a luminous nature, and to enjoy this incarnation as heartily and fully as possible. I try to be my own North Star, and in my own way, aim to help others find their North Stars within as well.

This Website

I consider this site my online home. Have a seat, look around, make yourself comfortable. Like visitors to a home, I hope you’ll find kindness, care and tender regard, as well as some good jokes and something nourishing and lovely to read. I love to hear from people in the comments or via e-mail. My brief comments policy: I moderate the first one, but after that, you’re free to roam. I also hope you’ll talk with care as well — please be kind..

If you want to go deeper in a “hangin’ out in my boudoir, talking into the late hours about love, life and wisdom in throaty, wine-soaked voices” kind of way, please subscribe to my monthly love letter/missive. It has my most personal, intimate, searching writing. I only send it every month or (let’s be honest) month-and-a-half, but I’m proud of the work I put into it. It is straight from my heart and soul. You will also get access to what I call my “secret story garden,” which has exclusive essays, novel excerpts and book previews as well.

Other Stuff

Besides here, my writing has been a part of Jane (R.I.P.), Shop Etc., N.E.E.T and many other places. My films have shown at a bunch of film festivals, the IFC Theater, Anthology Film Archives, the Brooklyn Lyceum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I’ve been interviewed over One Sleepless Night, Royal Quiet Deluxe, The Happiest Medium and a guest over at Steady Diet of Film. I dig discussing film, writing, pop culture and feminism, so for guest posts, interviews, etc.!

You can contact me at .